Jonathan J

Toby at Rest Denim made me some jeans last year; they were start of a made-to-measure experience which resulted in a beautiful pair of jeans that I've worn daily for nearly half a year.

Rest Denim evo

More recently, we iterated a second pair - furthering a development of a made-to-measure jean.

Rest Denim custom jeans "The Nihilist"

We've finalised on two jean cuts - The Dude and The Nihilist (the naming process often is one of the last things to be discussed, but the "The Dude" fits Toby's general vibe and philosophy and I love the Cohen brothers).

Rest Denim custom jeans "The Dude"

The Dude - a fairly classic cut, not loose, not narrow, but with a taper from the knee and a medium hem width. Sits on the hip.

Rest Denim custom jeans "The Nihilist"The Nihilist - a more contemporary cut, with a slightly higher rise and overall narrower cut.

Customisation options are flexible, measurements (obvs!), covering hardware, a plethora of denims & trim fabrics - and custom tweak requests are welcome.

Rest Denim hardware

You can spec your custom, made-to-measure Rest Denim jeans here - its a super gratifying experience, it may take a bit longer but than off-the-shelf, but I covet my Rest Denim jeans, its another satisfying layer on the mysterious palimpsest of denim ownership.