Jonathan J

Recently, I had a great experience with Felix at Shopify Masters. Shopify Masters is a community website and regular podcast focusing on eCommerce and online entrepreneurial activities.


Felix's primary mission is get salient and practical help and resources to newer online stores that use (not surprisingly) the Shopify shopify platform. Being a web developer in this specialised field, and a philanthropic minded technophile in general, Felix has spent the last half year or so building a credible and fecund pool of knowledge and materials.

You can check out the piece we put together on NoKipple HERE. It was a pretty cool hanging out with Felix on Skype/email/Twitter - that shifting between channels with smooth contiguity was emblematic of the methodologies he supports in the eCommerce space.

Anyway so far so groovy, however after Shopify Masters put out the podcast this pretty cool thing happened - I received an email from Gary at Venice Clay. Venice Clay is a small pottery/sculpture studio in Venice Beach, Cali. Gary has been working clay for a good few years and he is now re-tooling his eCommerce engagement. Gary sent me a super nice email - he had listened to the podcast and wanted to pick my brains a little. So, I sent Gary a few thoughts and suggestions - jeez, I don't claim to be an authoritative arbiter, but I helped him a little. Gary was stoked that I took the time to reply and he sent me this perfect (at least to my British sensibilities) perfect archetype of the West Coast vibe; and I quote: " raised my dopamine levels by taking the time out of your day to respond so nicely". Made my day TBH.

A shout out to Gary then, a cool guy doing his thing; a big thanks to Felix at Shopify Masters; and a holistic appreciation of the laminar flow of the multi-layered nullspace of what we are still clumsily calling the Internet.

You can check out the Shopify Masters podcasts HERE