Gavin Smith

We landed back in the UK yesterday morning after an extremely hectic few days in the capital of the Land of The Rising Sun. We were out there to meet with Trophy Clothing, and view their exhibition for the Autumn/ Winter collection, and to have an initial conversation with Jelado about their thoughts on international retailing.

Whilst it appear we are firmly "going steady" with Trophy, we are still only holding hands with Jelado as yet, although there is certainly plenty of scope for that relationship to go further in future (watch this space!).

So, to Trophy. On the very day that we landed we already had our first meeting booked, it was to finally meet Masaki Egawa, and his assistant Takayuki in person at the Trophy store.

The store is located two stops from Shinjuku station on the Keio line, at Daitanbashi, right next to a custom motorcycle garage. It houses racks of the most amazing denim, shirts, jackets and leatherware that you will find anywhere.

Egawa-San and Takayuki-San are enthusiasts, they are enthusiastic about their brand, about quality, about only selling the best, and about their motorcycles. I was looking forward to the next day, and finally seeing the Trophy Clothing Autumn/ Winter collection.

My next post will preview the Trophy collection, and afterwards I will show you our meeting with Yohei Goto and Jelado.