Gavin Smith

We all love things right? The stuff that we fill our homes, our hearts and our dreams with, both real and intangible. Well, Trophy Clothing of Tokyo Japan just happen to make some of the nicest "things" that you are ever likely to find, and unless you're in the habit of listening my internet rantings, there is a significant chance that you may never have heard of them.

I have had a long held dream of working with a Japanese clothing brand, one that is not so well known but produces things of immense beauty, quality and detail, and Trophy is that brand. In my pursuit of this dream I researched hundreds of brands, all making high quality clothing and apparel, but all offering roughly the same kind of product or concept, that is when I first saw Trophy, and what drew me to Trophy was this simple jacket, the Reservoir Hood.

This simple looking jacket is not quite so simple when you examine the details, the cuffs and throat latch are both lined with thick corduroy, the fastening is by both vintage Tallon zipper, and black anodised steel clips, the entire jacket (including ALL the pockets) is lined with a flannel fabric of the quality to be a great shirt, Trophy use it as lining !! To top is all off the outer is a thick, military spec, paraffin coated waterproof canvas. This simple jacket sums up all that Trophy is to me, simple, understated, and and definitely one for the purists.

We were lucky enough to meet up with the brands owner, the youthful, cheerful, casual, knowledgable and super friendly Masaki Egawa. Egawa-San is a man of many passions, he loves vintage Indian Motorcycles, 70's funk music, playing bass guitar, and obviously clothing. His tastes are eclectic, and this is reflected in his designs for Trophy.

We were invited to Tokyo as a potential retailer to view Trophy Clothings upcoming Autumn/ Winter collection, we left Tokyo with Egawa San as our new business partner and friend, and with the delightful headache of trying to stretch our stock budget to all the wonderful things we had seen from the upcoming collection. I hope you enjoy this preview, modelled badly by this intrepid reporter.

Trophy B-11 Jacket

Trophy Trailmaster Jacket

Trophy Deluxe HBT Heavy Shirt

Trophy Old England Wool Coat

Trophy N-1 Deck Coat (I was not drunk)

Trophy Roll Top Canvas Messenger Bag

Trophy Sunset Wool shirt

New super streaky, 15oz Garage Denim with a vintage Talon zipper.