Gavin Smith

I like to be first, I like people and brands who innovate, and I don't mean cheap gimmicks, I mean the kind of innovation that Elhaus of Jakarta, Indonesia are doing for a very special collaboration jean for us. The key to this innovation comes in creating a fabric that will truly be appreciated by pure denim heads, the kind of fabric that makes the inner geek in us all become excited when we read the spec, so that is where we will begin...

20oz heavyweight denim; handwoven for a rough, inconsistent feel; left hand twill for unique fading properties; special dye technique to appear like hand dipped natural indigo.

Elhaus have taken this amazing denim and moulded it into a slightly modified version of their ever popular Warbonnet cut, which is a classic slim straight cut.

As if this wasn't enough to excite even the most sceptical denim head, Elhaus have also added a couple of other interesting details for us.

  • All hand settled solid copper rivets, no machine required.
  • Hand carved leather patch, bearing the slogan of our company.

The guys at Elhaus are a retailers dream to work with, they know their product inside and out, they love detail and they want their customers to love the Elhaus product in their hands and on their legs. This is why we chose Elhaus to make our first collaboration jean, because they have given us something that has never been done before.