Elhaus is a young clothing label founded in the heart of Indonesia’s bustling capital Jakarta by friends and collaborators Raven and Eduardus. The philosophy of Elhaus is to take Indonesia’s strong, traditional design history and combine it with modern cuts and experimental materials of their own specification.

Indonesia has one of the most vibrant clothing and accessory design and manufacturing scenes in the world at the moment, and Elhaus are one of the premier brands coming out of that scene. We love Elhaus because they have no fear, they are more than willing to work on products that most smaller labels would deem as too risky or too costly, they love a challenge just as much as we have enjoyed working with them on a challenge.

We believe that in Elhaus we see a brand ready to challenge the status quo of the market, able to rise to the challenges of the ever discerning consumer and the demand for the new, the old and the very special.

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