About NoKipple

Who are NoKipple?

NoKipple are a small group of clothing and design enthusiasts, all of whom have a deep understanding and appreciation of small, artisanal brands who are producing low volume, beautifully made items. NoKipple also has exhaustive knowledge of what a good web purchase experience should be like; the perils of the right size, the need for swift despatch, the value in a quick email reply – we wanted to make a webstore that we would use.

Why did you choose your suppliers?

There were a number of core qualities we considered when selecting brands we wanted to work with. We wanted quality that would stand comparison with the better known artisanal brands, we also thought about differentiation – we wanted to bring to light suppliers that were little known but deserved better exposure; and we also wanted to work with people we liked – who shared similar views on provenance, production techniques and long term relationships. You may have heard of some of these brands, others are very new – they all produce amazing products that will last for many years.

You've got some brands which I've never heard of - tell me more about them.

Our suppliers talk about their brand visions on the brand pages:


Denim is a complex fabric, why have you chosen the denim products that you stock?

From the beginning, we wanted to offer products which were both high quality and offering something a little different. Every denim product we offer has unique characteristics which cannot be found in denim made by other manufacturers, some of the denim has been made specifically for us. In short, we sell great products which stand out from the crowd.

If you take the Elhaus hand woven denim for example, it has a beautiful heavy, tight weave, with wonderfully textured mainly smooth finish and a huge variation in colour. The Trophy Clothing Dirt Denim is a much looser weave, lighter, more breathable for warmer climates, and a rough textured finish with a very consistent colour throughout. Both denims are absolutely stunning and unique, both are about as different as you can get from each other.

I see that you stock a number of different jeans with different weights, what’s the deal with that?

NoKipple have been wearing high end, niche denim for years, we've sampled pretty much all of the major brands, in different weights and textile preparation. Lighter weight denim is what most people are familiar with – basic Levis, for example, are about 11-13 ounce (this means one square yard weighs 11-13oz). In the last few years there has been a proliferation of heavier weight denim, ranging from 17oz to up to a crazy 32oz.

Denim weight is a useful metric but a lot depends on the denim fabrication, a looser weave will mean that an ostensibly heavier weight denim can be worn comfortably in a large temperature range. Weight isn't everything though, a beautifully produced denim at the lighter end of the scale can reward in so many ways – in how it evolves over time, in how it conforms to your body shape, and in how the details of production manifest during wearing. The jeans and jackets we stock are all chosen because we would want to wear them (and we do!), some are heavy weight, others are lighter weight, all are amazing garments that will reward during many years of wearing.

Tell me about raw denim and sanforised denim?

Raw denim, sometimes called loom state is denim which is untreated. This denim requires to be shrunk down to tag size and is normally over sized (although you should always read the product description as variations do happen and we will make sure these are noted).

To ensure a good fit on your raw denim you should read the product description so you are aware of the shrink characteristics of the denim i.e. how much it shrinks, then select the appropriate size.

The difference is basically that sanforised denim has been washed and processed to fix measurements, and prevent shrinkage, whereas raw denim has not. The choice between the two is simply a matter of preference, some people prefer their jeans to "shrink to fit", whilst others prefer to take out the guess work involved and simply wear their jeans as soon as they receive them. When it comes to unsanforised (raw) denim we always recommend soaking for around 20 minutes in warm water, with some agitation, to lock in the measurements and remove any starch from the process. Not doing an initial soak could lead to premature wear of fabric, and the breakdown of fibres in areas of high friction.

Will my jeans shrink after I first wash them?

See the FAQ about raw vs. sanforised – basically though, sanforised will not shrink, raw will shrink. Learn more at the specific product pages.

What’s the deal with not washing my jeans for months or even years?

Woah, can of worms here – this has been a contentious discussions over the years in the denim communities. Basically, the rationale for not washing is that users want to instil as much genuine evolution (evo) into their jeans as possible. Evo is the manifestation of wear and tear that results in the contrasting abrasion of the indigo from the denim fabric. If you’re reading this then you are probably familiar with combs (the honeycomb pattern that predominantly develops behind the knee of the jeans), whiskers (the corrugated wear pattern that evolves in the top block of the jeans at the front, and roping (the characteristic wear that develops on the chain stitched hem of jeans).

In terms of not washing for an extended period time after initial purchase – typically it is considered that leaving the jeans as long as possible before first wash (and more specifically for raw jeans), results in a harder evo contrast. This is certainly true to large extent but NoKipple do not advocate a hard core adherence to evo maintenance. Our rule of thumb – if you can smell you jeans while wearing them – it’s probably time for a wash.

Ok, so my jeans smell now, what’s the best way to wash them?

When washing raw jeans shrinkage consideration is important, but these recommendations are suitable for all denim types. If hand washing use a tub or bucket; for maximum shrinkage (raw denim) use water as hot as you can stand (test with your elbow). If a more cautious approach is preferred then use cool/cold water.

Hand wash - Soak with a gentle liquid soap – Woolite works well, as does Dr. Bronners. Use the bath tub if possible.

  • Turn your jeans inside out.
  • Place them into the tub/bucket.
  • Agitate and move the jeans around in the water while soaking for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Remove from bucket and air dry.

This method is the most gentle on your denim and if done correctly will remove most of the shrinkage, this makes it the most popular method if you are at all nervous about damaging your new purchase. The minor pitfall of this method is that it may not remove all the shrink and further soaks may be required to get your desired fit.

Machine Wash - For people wishing to get the full shrink out of their denim the first time this is the best method, and if done correctly it will not adversely affect your jeans. Use a cool/warm (max 30 celsius), gentle machine wash. NEVER EVER tumble dry.

  • Turn your jeans inside out.
  • Select a quick wash at no more than 30 degrees celsius.
  • Select a spin cycle of no more than 400rpm.
  • Straighten your jeans out after their wash, but leave them inside out.

Your products use a lot of indigo dye, am I going to turn blue if it rains?

No, not unless you camp in monsoon season with a no tent. However, all indigo dyed products will be susceptible to some bleeding and dye transfer. Be careful with lighter coloured clothes and upholstery. Beware of indigo transfer from the hems of your jeans to light coloured shoes and boots; some people like this effect but if you are concerned then an application of gaffer/duct tape to the inside of the hems can be effective.

Delivery & Returns

Delivery Service

Swift and painless fulfilment is extremely important to NOKIPPLE LTD. We try to make the delivery process as simple as possible and we are able to send your order either to your home or to your place of work.

Delivery times are calculated in working days Monday to Friday. If you order after 1600 (GMT/BST), the next working day will be considered the first working day for delivery. In case of bank holidays and other mandated holidays, and over the Christmas period, please allow an extra 3 working days.

We aim to despatch orders within 1 working day but sometimes due to high order volume this may take a little longer, please allow 3 days before contacting us about an order despatch status. We will email you if we become aware of unexpected delay.

Shipping is included in orders over £300, for lower value orders there is a £7.50 cost for shipping to UK addresses, £10 for Europe & USA. Delivery to other countries can vary, the delivery price will display during check out. Please note: Supplements and/or exclusions to the above conditions may apply to certain countries/specific product types.

Exchange & Returns

If when you receive your product(s), you are not completely satisfied you may return the items to us, within fourteen (14) days of receipt, for exchange or refund (excluding shipping charges). Returns will take approximately 5 working days for the process once the goods have arrived. Items must be in original packaging, unworn and with original product labels. If labels are removed from the product then a refund will not be available, store credit may be provided as an alternative at the discretion of NOKIPPLE LTD.

NOKIPPLE LTD returns policy aims to be as easy for you as possible. You must contact us and be in receipt of a returns authorisation (RA) number before sending any item back. Any product without a RA number will not be refunded.

We strongly recommend that you fully insure your package that you are returning. We suggest the use of a carrier that can provide you with a proof of delivery. NOKIPPLE LTD will not be held responsible for items lost or damaged in transit.

All shipping back to NOKIPPLE LTD is paid for by the customer. We are unable to refund your postal fees.

Please Note:

  • Under the UK Distance Selling Act you have the right to cancel your order up to 7 days after the receipt of the order, providing the items are in their original, new state, unworn and with all tags/flashers attached.
  • All returned items will be credited to the account used for original payment within 3 days of receipt (refund is for product cost only).
  • NoKipple cannot be held accountable for any import charges that can be incurred when purchasing from outside the UK
  • Shipping is charged for exchange items, this will be charged at our normal rate for the destination country. Please contact us if you wish to make an exchange, in depth discussion will minimise the need for further exchanges.
  • For returns from outside the UK clearly mark “RETURNED GOODS” on the packaging to avoid unnecessary customs charges.
  • Please ensure any returns are well packaged to avoid damage and use a quality postal service (ideally with tracking).
  • Returns must be sent to: Returns, NoKipple, 7 Daisy Road, Greenbank, Bristol, BS5 6JS, United Kingdom.
  • You may cancel your order prior to fulfilment, to do this email us at: open@nokipple.com within 12 hours of placing the order.
  • Please feel free to call us on (UK) +44 778 067 8974.

Incorrect/Faulty Goods

If you do not receive your products ordered please contact us immediately. Incorrectly despatched items will be given special priority and you can expect to receive the correct item within 48 hours of receipt of the return of the incorrect item (NoKipple will arrange and pay for shipping in this scenario). Where a suitable alternative or replacement cannot be provided for all purchase and delivery charges will be refunded back onto your credit/debit card.

We try very hard to ensure that you receive your order in pristine condition. In the unlikely event that the product arrives damaged or faulty, please contact NOKIPPLE LTD immediately. Any product returned found not to be defective can be refunded. Goods found to be tampered with by the customer will not be replaced but returned at the customer’s expense.

I’ve placed my order, when will I get my products in my sweaty palms?

Yup, we know the feeling - we will make every effort to despatch items the same day as they are placed. UK customer will typically get their item(s) within 2 days if the order is placed before 1200. Most European despatches will take 2-3 days, the rest of world will have a slightly longer wait, this will vary dependent on the destination.

I haven’t bought anything from you before, can you reassure me that the order has been received and it will ship soon?

Of course, as soon as your order is successfully placed you will get a confirmation email. As soon as your order is shipped you will get a second confirmation email. You can also check your order status in your Account login on the website. You will also receive shipping transit status email alerts.

I’ve bought the wrong size (sadface), how do I return the item to you for a replacement?

First of all CONTACT US, we will do everything feasible to make sure we can make you happier. You will need a return reference from us anyway, so just let us know what the situation is and we can advise accordingly.

Contacting Us

I want to call you for a chat, what’s the best number and time to call?

Awesome, we want to talk to you too.

I am super paranoid that I will chose the wrong size, how can you help me?

We are super empathetic toward this issue – just drop us an email or tweet, or call to discuss the fine details of correct sizing.

Why the hell haven’t you got a forum yet?!

We’re working on it, we are a new start-up and we want to get the critical bit right first – selling beautiful things, and despatching them quickly. This is phase 1, phase 2 will include a comprehensive community space to discuss our products and products like them.