Rest Denim

Rest Denim is Toby Owen, a London-based one-person brand specialising in handmade denim clothing and accessories. Toby, like all the Makers, is a passionate and focused person, sketching his own vision for his brand ethos. Ethically minded and ever thoughtful of material provenance, Toby develops and makes low volume, often bespoke, workwear inspired denim gear.

Toby typifies the self-taught discipline of the time poor artisan - forensic garment examination and dis-assembly led Toby to his own bespoke pattern cutting and production. Workwear details and build quality are prominent elements of Rest Denim gear; but there is a freshening lack of cookie-cutter designs - a Rest Denim piece is quite distinct and we believe that in time Toby's pieces will form part of an enduring collection and identity.

In keeping with The Makers ethos, Toby will be offering custom denim wear and accessories; ranging from full made to measure chore coats, vests and jeans, to wallets, leashes and other carefully considered accessory pieces.

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