Sagara Indonesia is a small scale, family-owned artisanal shoes and boots business based in Bandung, the heart of footwear design and production in Indonesia. Sagara make shoes and boots using hand welted Goodyear and hand sewn stitch-down construction. All of their boots and shoes are made by hand, leather is cut by hand, brogue perforation holes are punched by hand, uppers and soles are stitched by hand. The company is completely defined by the pursuit of craftsmanship and value.

Indonesia is a country with a strong reputation of culture and tradition. Batik and Borobudur temples are examples of historical tradition that inform to the present day. Sagara is run owned and run by Bagus Satrio, a young man from a new generation of Indonesian craftsmen; Bagus is committed to continuing the tradition of handcrafted shoes and boots. We’ve met Bagus in Jakarta, he is a super cool guy with an insane passion for what he does. We are proud to represent Sagara.

Back in 2006, a 19 year old product design student named Bagus Satrio started to learn handmade shoemaking, an intimate art that he felt was important to retain and cherish in a modern industry dominated by digital technologies and automation. In 2010 Sagara was founded with love and dedication to handmade shoemaking.

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