The Makers

How do we seek meaning, put structure in our worlds, turn fleeting thoughts into reality? We make, we toil - to push back the darkness with form and purpose.

We started NoKipple to find the secret brands, the seams of hidden skill and knowledge in an exponentially growing sea of artisans, brands, makers, craftspeople. It was a modest ambition, the simple pleasure of building relationships, developing ideas, meeting people – and at the heart of it – an attempt to understand the insistent drive to seek out that modern day grail – the good thing, the new thing.

For us, the search is more complex than the simple, fleeting satiation of a one click Prime purchase, a lunchtime idle consumption. The process is superficially the same – an idea, a concept, a notion, takes seed, it’s not a need but something both more and less than a need – and then the hunter gatherer hind brain kicks in: Search, research, more research, comparison, an obsession with detail, with validation – the attempt to satisfy the moving target of perceived perfection. Paradoxically, this millennial old pursuit has been enabled by the web, refined by search engines and curated by enclaved enthusiasts, who in an earlier time would have been dismissed as fringe outliers, but more recently have quixotically blurred the lines between geek and nerd.

This is our Phase Two – The Makers – a development of the ethos we started with, to seek out the micro artisans, the back room creators, the pinprick otaku, and make a platform and community that can satisfy the trifecta: The Maker, The Facilitator and the Appreciator.

The Makers formula:

  • Beautiful gear made by fringe makers
  • Collaboration between the Makers and NoKipple
  • Bespoke products - customised and made to measure
  • Three way communication and evolution between NoKipple, the Makers and the customers

True authenticity is found in things which are designed, conceived and created by the focused intent of one person - the originator. Working with micro brands, often just one person, is a deeply rewarding experience for us, it allows us to see at the closest possible level the entire creative process and interact personally with the mind and creativity of the Maker. The input of talent is direct, there is no dilution of out-sourcing and in many cases no automated production processes - simply the purity of inception to conception to production.

We have always believed that there are talented and creative people out there who are making items with great skill and with a superior level of detail and craft which should have more recognition. We want to provide that awareness by bringing talented people to The Makers platform to make small runs of items of great beauty, produced with expertise and integrity.

We’ve met some amazing people, Toby at Rest Denim – a one man selvedge denim enthusiast with a fanatical eye for detail and innovation. Toby is journeyman, building out his skills and vision – Rest Denim exemplifies the concept of The Makers – he will be offering unique denim accessories and made to measure outwear options.

Martin at SideWinder Apparel – he turned a nebulous need for vintage quality into a reality – British crafted rucksacks that will last for years. Martin offers his rucksacks in multiple fabric options, and we are building a new, collaborative day bag together.

Zach at ZeeBee Leather – the genesis for The Makers and our friend – the NKXZB01 is emblematic of the type of products that are generated from the collaboration of the maker, and the forensic demands of the enthusiast community.

Jan of Schmidt Shirts – shirts are an excellent vehicle for expressing workmanship and owner satisfaction and Jan’s shirts press all the right buttons. His extravagant attention to detail, the luxury of made-to-measure, the hidden features that surprise long after first wearing.


Iu at Companion Denim – new wave tailor out of Barcelona; Iu spent his childhood surrounded by the sights and sounds of his father's industrial a kid, I spent afternoons and summers playing among pumice stone, raw jeans and indigo waters. Iu was most struck by the pleats and folds of faded denim - rough textures and different fades. Iu has built a distinct and compelling denim brand. His customisable jeans reflect contemporary tastes and respect for the heritage of denim. We are discussing a fully made-to-measure jean option with collaborative design elements.

Over the next weeks and months we will be planning and discussing with these Makers, and adding beautiful products  – but we would like to talk to more makers that want to build their products, their brands, their visions, in collaboration with a team that truly appreciates what drives them and what inspires them. So this is a shout out to The Makers – please contact us