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The Team

The NoKipple project is the result of many years of collective engagement with the clothing sub-cultures, with a focus on high quality denim and related clothing. Our tastes and interests have evolved as the denim scene has evolved, with each of us tracking the development of small, boutique/niche brands, often located in Japan and South East Asia.

The denim scene is small but growing all the time and enthusiasts for this type clothing are highly discerning, critical of sub-standard production and manufacturing techniques and practises, extremely loyal to high quality brands, vocal about their engagement with those brands and are willing to pay for quality. This community is also extremely web aware – it has been online where this culture and the related brands have really evolved, fully engaging with how the evolving web space can best demonstrate quality brands.


Jonathan is a deep enthusiast for high quality, low volume products that at their heart are utilitarian. He loathes poorly constructed fashion brands and believes that there is an essential integrity (and longevity) in the production and enjoyment of products of this nature. Jonathan has worked as a moderator at the Iron Heart UK forum, and was a founding member; assisting Iron Heart UK with the conceptual elements of running a forum community in conjunction with an online web store.

Jonathan is deeply interested in the interconnected online environment that can be created by the combination of the broadly non-commercial input of an enthusiast community and the process of selling products online. Jonathan also has 10+ years selling software products using the web as the main tool for doing this. He has extensive experience with the mechanisms needed to build an online business and knows how to build relationships with people of all types of backgrounds and cultures.

You can email Jonathan here: jonathan@nokipple.com


Gavin is another long term participant in the denim subculture. He is extremely active is the online forum world of high quality clothing, and is a familiar (and prolific) presence on Superfuture. Gavin is the founder and manager of the extremely successful Heavyweight Denim Championship, which is currently in its second incarnation. Gavin has worked, and is currently working with, brands and retailers such as Iron Heart (Japan), Obbigood Label (Singapore/France), Ebbets Field Flannels (USA) and Double XX (Texas, USA). Gavin can engage sensitively with brands located in multiple regions, and has a profound understanding of the needs of a Western customer audience.

You can email Gavin here: megatron@nokipple.com