Trophy Clothing

Trophy Clothing is the product of the vision and passions of its owner and founder Masaki Egawa, and thankfully for the rest of us Egawa-san is a man of strong passions, impeccable taste and more than an eye for quality. 

Trophy Clothing was founded in 2006 after Egawa-san had trained as a designer and garment manufacturer, having previously worked on a separate brand with his friend. The first jeans were made entirely by hand with Egawa-san using his own vintage sewing machines, and cut from his own paper patterns. As Trophy’s reputation grew he was able to open his store and travel around the fabric producing areas of Japan selecting the finest materials available to work with, a detail which he is particularly strict about. 

The designs of Trophy are inspired by Egawa-san's love of vintage clothing and vintage motorcycles. From customising his own vintage Indian bikes he has learned the importance of details and function, this is why we firmly believe that there is no other brand out there who so successfully combine functional work and leisure wear with details so varied that you can own one of their garments for months and still be finding and appreciating new facets of the design.

We have met Masaki, and discussed at length the drivers for his passion – the idea of permanence and longevity derived from quality and workmanship permeates his vision, and one that dovetailed with our beliefs. It was a good evening in Tokyo when our interests meshed. As we like to say, there are many prizes but there is only one Trophy.

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