Zeebee Leather

People often wonder how one gets involved with leather-craft. For Zach at ZeeBee Leather it was a natural progression. Zach is a chef by trade, born and raised in Massachusetts, USA, and has been creating things with his hands for most of his life. He’s of course worked extensively with fine cuisine, but he’s dabbled in ceramics, woodworking, and beer brewing. He ultimately found his creative voice in leathercraft when he was having trouble finding cases for his professional knives and his cell phone that lived up to his high standards. Zach has always been interested in well-made, long lasting, and ethically produced goods, but when the available items on the market fell short of those standards, he took matters into his own hands and decided to learn how to make his own.

Zach makes everything completely by hand, one piece at a time. He creates his own designs, makes his own patterns, and sources the highest quality hardware he can find. Each stitch is meticulously placed and compromising on quality is never an option for him. Everything he makes is hand-cut, hand-stitched, hand-burnished, and handled with love and care. The items he makes have to live up to his own very high standards and be something he would use himself (and he does). During the design phase, each item is tested out with daily use to find areas that need improvement or modification. He builds three principals (Quality, Function, and Strength) into each and every leather piece and never intends to compromise on them.

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